General info

In an innovative environment, sharing knowledge is the key to success. By exchanging ideas and building upon them, one creates the conditions for the birth of new concepts and products. T2Prof's training activities support this process.

T2Prof's technology training program includes courses on Optics, Digital and Analog Electronics, IC Design and Technology, EMC-ESD-Signal Integrity and Power Integrity, Thermal design, Digital Signal Processing, Low Power, Artificial Intelligence and Personal skills.

T2Prof acts as an intermediary between knowledge providers and knowledge demanders and has a strong network among innovative companies, universities and research institutes. Apart from our regular course program, that is organized for individual enrolment, we help customers to adapt training programs to the needs of special target groups. Most training programs can also be organized on site in-company. In all our projects, the keywords are: open-minded, entrepreneurial, pragmatic, flexible.

T2Prof has selected High Tech Institute to have a professional and efficient organization, dealing with public relations (mailings, website, advertisements, social media), enrolment and contacts with the course participants, the planning of classrooms, catering and other facilities, reproduction of the course material, course evaluation.