In-company training

If ...
A number of persons in your company has to attend the same training,
Or if: your learning requirements are not entirely met by any of T2Prof's regular courses,
Or if: you want to use your own equipment, software or facilities during the training, or want to discuss company-specific cases,

then ....
an in-company course is probably a more effective and cheaper solution than an open enrolment event (for an in-company course usually at least 8 participants are needed).

In-company courses are developed and executed by T2Prof in close co-operation with you. Together we determine:

  • The target group.
  • The objective.
  • The contents (what modules of regular T2Prof courses will be included? What new modules will be developed or purchased? What special knowledge and cases will be brought in by the customer?).
  • The location (at your own site?), and
  • The date(s) and times of the event.

Based on the discussed preconditions and wishes, T2Prof will develop a proposal. The project starts as soon as the customer has signed the contract. Please describe your situation and wishes and send an email to